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Whether your business was struggling before COVID-19, or recent events have devastated your finances, you are not alone.
You may feel completely defeated, or like you’re running in circles – constantly playing out potential scenarios in your head, searching the internet for answers at all hours, and just wishing everything would suddenly resolve on its own.
In the midst of all the stress, asking for help may feel as though you’re giving up.
But as others who have stood where you are now will tell you, picking up the phone to get advice was the start of their recovery.
Professional relationships you can count on
When referring a client to another professional you need to be confident of their performance- which is why Mitch Herrett works hard to build solid professional relationships.

In this case, Mitch's strong relationship with Levi Smouha, who has been an insolvency lawyer for 17 years, paved the way for an easy professional collaboration that resulted in a win/win situation.  
Relationships, built on trust and track record
Frank Lo Pilato, RSM Partner Restructuring and Recovery, has established countless, trusted business partnerships during his 30 year career with RSM.

Hear from him and one of his regular referrers, Rodney Barnett, who has practiced law in the Commercial Sector in the ACT continuously since 1975.
The sun will come out tomorrow
It was a combination of factors that led to Stephen Pollard, a CEO and Board Member, needing to call on the services of the RSM Restructuring and Recovery team.

This story is real and relatable. 

Brian's Story
“My worst fears about my situation were the unknown. But I walked out of my meeting with RSM and thought: OK, I know what I’m going to do. I don’t have to look anymore.

Now, I’m back to the person I was many years ago, because the burden is gone. I probably haven’t been as happy as I am right now, ever.”

- Brian, Former Director, Dataflex
Do the hardest thing. Pick up the phone and ask for help.
The answers you get might change your life. 
The RSM Options Report follows this 4 Step Approach to responding to client or referrer needs:

  1. Discuss and understand - A no cost, confidential meeting with the directors, business owners or investors and their advisors to understand their unique business challenges and objectives.
  2. Assess, review and recommend - Retained confidentially to undertake an assessment and review of the current financial position of the business and its projected forecasts before we recommend the best option.   
  3. Implementation plan - After the directors have chosen their preferred option, RSM assist to plan for the implementation or appointment.
  4. Commencement - RSM are appointed to commence the agreed appointment.
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Don’t struggle with your financial burden alone.
We have worked with thousands of business owners like you to help them get through tough times with specialist restructuring and recovery advice.

Our goal is to take the stress out of your situation by equipping you with all the knowledge you need to take a confident next step. 

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About RSM
RSM is a national accounting and business advisory firm with 32 offices across Australia. 

We have worked with thousands of local Australian businesses to help them find a way out of their current situation. The choices are yours to make – you don’t need to take our advice. But it can make a world of difference to know exactly where you stand, and what your options are right now as we head into an uncertain future.