Small business, big technology - Get ahead in 2022
Advancements in tech often start with accounts payable, the biggest shift being the ability to totally illuminate data entry. We hear from Laurel Grey, National Manager of Digital Advisory at RSM, on how businesses can use RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to either achieve efficiencies in the back office (such as accounts payable) or on the sales side of the business, bringing in more opportunities for growth.
Investment on your mind? The COVID-19 property boom and what’s next in the Australian market
The last year has seen house prices rising at record rate, locking some buyers out of the market and providing fantastic opportunities for others. Julian Muldoon, Director, 1Group Property Advisory gives us a great run down on the property market and where opportunities and challenges exist. From low interest rates, booming coastal properties, impact of the Olympics and eventual return of immigration, Julian covers it all. If you are in a position to invest, there are plenty of opportunities! LISTEN NOW »
Is your business fraud resilient?
In this episode, we speak with Roger Darvall-Stevens, Partner and Head of Fraud and Forensic Services at RSM on what business owners can be doing to prevent, detect & respond to fraudulent activity. Roger outlines what you can be doing to not only help educate staff on fraud but also deter potential fraudsters, resulting in minimising of costs to your business and maximising fraud and corruption control.

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