Health economics - does health insurance save you money?
Sarina Lacey leads the Health Economics Business Unit at the Centre for International Economics and will be speaking to us about health economics, the impact that has on individual finances and health insurance. 
Shaped in the late 1900's with the commencement of Medicare, Australia's health system is very different to any other country: giving Australians universal access but, what is the cost of that and what role does private health insurance play? From a society perspective, health insurance is very much worth it for the betterment of the overall health sector but as an individual is it worth your while?
Join us for this episode of talkBIG as we discuss all things Health.
Going IPO, the latest achievement in Kate's journey! | talkBIG Podcast
Kate Carnell AO is an Australian businesswomen and former politician. Now, as Chair of a recently publicly listed company, Racing and Sports, Kate takes us through what is involved in going IPO and what has kept her enthused and focused on what really counts in business throughout the years. 
Kate started her career as a Pharmacist in the 1980s, later launching her foray into politics after being involved in the Pharmacy Guild and Canberra Chamber of Commence. This led her to being the ACT Chief Minister and Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman. LISTEN NOW »
Special release: Federal Budget 2022 Analysis
Access insights from our panel of experts, including regular talkBIG host Andrew Sykes, Partner - RSM Australia, Effie Zahos, Editor at Large - CANSTAR, David Pearce, Executive Director - The Centre for International Economics, Mary Lai, Principal - RSM Australia and Paul Bongiorno, Columnist - The Saturday Paper as they unpack the challenges and opportunities for an Australia focused on recovery and re-building.  LISTEN NOW »