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Farm Finance Made Easy
Powered by Xero and Figured
The ultimate farm financial software for smarter farming
Ready to take the leap into the incredible world of digital farm finance?
Join the experts from Figured, Xero and RSM.
The farming industry is ever-changing.

With a growing global population, farmers and their resources are feeling the pressure. Advancements in technology have improved the way farmers operate, but have also added layers of complexity. Today, farmers have to be skilled at everything – both on the farm and in the office. 

And they can’t do it alone. It takes a team with the right tools and skills to run a great farm. We want to equip farmers with the best technology, so they can take ownership of their business and achieve their goals.

Today’s farmers want the best tools and advice for managing their finances. That’s why Xero, Figured and RSM have come together to offer the ultimate farm financial software solution for smarter farming, the future of farm finance, for the whole farming team - from the farmer, to your accountant, banker and consultant.

It's not just smarter farm finances, but a smarter way to work with your trusted advisers.
Xero and Figured Workshops
Presented by RSM Australia
Developed together with Xero and Figured
Interactive, hands-on and informative workshops across Australia
We are now taking expressions of interest for our highly popular Xero and Figured workshop series.
Register for all three workshops for the optimal farm finance learning experience with your closest RSM office today.
Our free and beginner Xero workshop is packed with tips and tricks for all new, beginner and intermediate users working in agribusiness and more.
Unlock and learn about the advanced Xero features available at your fingertips in our hands-on advanced Xero workshop for all businesses.
Learn how to budget, plan and calculate rolling forecasts for your farm in this all-new beginner and introductory workshop for Figured users.
Looking to learn more about Xero, Figured and agribusiness services?
Get in touch with your local RSM digital expert and agribusiness specialist at over 30 locations across Australia. At RSM, we understand regional business, because we are a regional business, so let's have a chat today and explore the incredible world of digital farm finance for you.

Figured is the leading farm financial management tool that works seamlessly with Xero to provide farmers and their advisors with immediate access to financial insights for better decision making. You can access meaningful reports, build budgets in minutes, easily track progress against your plan & more.
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Xero’s cloud accounting platform provides farmers and advisors with access to real-time financial data any time, anywhere and on any device. With automated features including invoicing, payroll with STP and super streaming, you can spend more time doing what you love and less time on the admin.
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By having data from Xero and Figured in one place, it puts the farmer and your advisor on the same page. RSM can connect the whole farming team around the same financial and production information, working with you to make confident decisions that improve your business performance.
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