RSM Cyber Security Event
with and SURROUND
The RSM Team in Sydney invite you to join us for our
Cyber Security event with and SURROUND
We invite you to our Cyber Security event, where experts will delve into the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in safeguarding digital assets. Join us for an evening of knowledge-sharing and networking.
Our presenters will cover updates, trends, strategies and many more in the world of Cyber Security. Please see below for the agenda:
"Creating a Strong Security Baseline: Practical Mechanisms”
  • Presented by Jim Basey from
  • Explore foundational security practices to protect your organisation.
“Demystifying Cyber Security Standards for Small Businesses”
  • Presented by Marcus Jowsey from SURROUND Australia.
  • Learn how smaller enterprises can adopt and benefit from industry standards.
“Navigating SOC II and ISO Certifications”
  • Presented by Ashwin Pal from RSM.
  • Gain insights into achieving certifications seamlessly.
Date: Wednesday, 29 May 2024
Time: 5.30pm – 7.30pm
Venue: RSM
Level 13/60 Castlereagh Street
Sydney NSW 2000
This event is now closed, if you can no longer attend, or have any questions please reach out to Julia Stratton at
Ashwin Pal
Partner and
Head of Cyber Security and Privacy Services - RSM Australia
Ashwin Pal

With 25 years under his belt, Ashwin is an experienced and qualified CISO and business leader who is currently a Cyber Security Partner at RSM. Ashwin has been named as 2021 Global Top 100 Leaders in Information Security by the Corinium Group...

His role encompasses leading a cyber security practice aimed at assisting clients to identify cyber exposure and risk, develop effective risk management strategies, implement the necessary measures to safeguard operations, and act decisively to counteract and recover from potential cyber-attacks. The key aspects of the role involve strategic planning and leadership, growing and maintaining client relationships, leading service delivery and engagements, developing team and organisational capability and representing the firm in industry and public settings.

Jim Basey
CTO – 
Jim Basey

Basiq's API platform provides the building blocks to enable technologists to build powerfully innovative solutions for the Financial Services industry and beyond including access to CDR Open Banking data ...

With a career foundation working for Banks and Financial institutions, Jim has learned the the hard core end of Security and Compliance. He has spent the last 12 years running Technology teams in Start Ups and Scale Ups, applying the fundamentals to create a strong security posture whilst moving at speed. Jim is a security generalist who has many years experience applying the correct balance of security and governance to his teams to produce the outcome they need, most recently assisting over 70 organisations with getting their systems and applications ready to access CDR Open Banking data. If you wish to learn how to get your whole team working on achieving the correct security posture, how to set an achievable baseline and how to just get started then join him in this session.

Marcus Jowsey
Co-founder – SURROUND 
Marcus Jowsey

Before Marcus Jowsey teamed with Brad McCusker to form SURROUND Australia Pty Ltd, Marcus was engaged with information and systems architecture contracting to Australian Governments to deliver architecture for nationally significant projects like: "the National Pollutant Inventory", "Caring for our Country", "Ageing and Aged Care Canonical Data Model"...

Working with SURROUND, Marcus has provided architecture for projects such as: "the (Australian National - Biodiversity Data Repository", "3D Cadastre standard (Australia and New Zealand and the Intergovernmental Committee for Survey and Mapping)", "Standards Australia - making standard navigable/useful", "National Archives of Australia", and most recently, "the LinkedCyberSecStandards Knowledge Graph to assist micro, small, medium and indigenous businesses to increase their maturity in cyber security (and be positioned to bid on Australian Government projects)". Marcus is also a semantic architect assisting the United Nations with the UN Transparency Protocol and the UN Buy, Ship and Pay programmes.

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